Even though transsexualism is categorized as a Psychiatric syndrome that is characterized by a diverging disorder that the individual rejects their biological sexual gender, we firmly believe in the other aspect of transsexualism.
The person who is a transsexual, is looking to change his physical aspect in a permanent and surgical way, with hormone therapy, or both, to achieve an image of itself, but as a member of the opposite sex. Manny things have been said and have been written about the subject. Through the years, the psychiatric community has concluded that the psycosexual identity of the subjects differs from their anatomic sexual identity, all thanks to a "joke of nature" in which a person gets trapped in a body of the opposite gender.

As a consequence we have decided to help and support in a practical, scientific and ethical manner, all with a futuristic point of view and with the outmost respect, to all those beings who have taken a decision to have that last step, which is probably the hardest decision to take, mainly because it is irreversible and final.
Thanks to this, there comes the imperious necessity to make a selection of every possible candidate that wants to perform the sex reassignment surgery procedure, mainly to make sure that the procedure meets the expectations of the patient.
TransgenderSurgery.com has the team of specialist doctors in their respective fields as well as the tools, equipment and facilities to achieve such a radical change, all in an environment of hope and harmony.
If you would like to download a PDF file which contains graphical depictions of the procedure, click here.
We also have an Autoplaying flash gallery of the whole procedure here, but be advised, this is very graphical and it is a real surgery, we warn you of graphic details upon viewing at your discretion.

SEXUAL REASSIGNMENT SURGERY is a surgical procedure that is the final phase to changes that have been gradually achieved by a man wanting to have a feminine appearance.
The procedure is performed in one session. It is the final step to a whole process of at least 2-5 years of hormonal treatments, and when the patient is living his daily life in the private, social and working environments as a woman.
It is recommended that by the time this step is going to take place, other plastic surgery procedures have been made such as breast enlargement, butt enhancements, nose redefining, ears, etc. These are only ways that the sexual reassignment surgery will be in harmony with all of the other changes done previously, and the total outcome will be of satisfaction for the patient.


Pre-Op exams are required
Anesthesia is general or regional
Surgical Procedure Time: 6-8 hours


  1. One incision is made in the middle part of the scrotum bag
  2. Finding and removal of both testicles
  3. Release of penis skin
  4. Separation of both corpus cavemosum, and urethra
  5. Separation of the foreskin and glans
  6. Turn-over of the penis skin with the glans at the end of the tunnel
  7. Construction of the cavity that will form the neo-vagina. The depth required will be up to the prostate gland
  8. Formation of a "donut" with an elliptical form with the corpus cavemosum, which will form the "labia majora" (vaginal labium)
  9. The skin of the sac of the scrotum is used to cover the corpus cavermosum fixed in the elliptical donut shape.
  10. The turned-over penis foreskin is put inside the neo-vagina cavity, with the glans at the end of the tunnel.
  11. This way the neo-vaginal cavity that already has the fixed turned-over skin, will keep the glans in the innermost part of the vagina. This will ensure the perception of stimulation.
  12. Position of the urethra
  13. Layout of the lateral drainage in the vaginal XXX (horquilla)
  14. CLosure with surgical suture
  15. Permanent Foley urethral catheter

5-7 days required
During this period, close medical supervision of the evolution procedure
Antibiotics and pain killers are requiered
A permanent neo-vaginal mold is required


Excercises in and out of bed
Assisted recovery
Removal of urethral catheter
Training in handling the vaginal mold
Ready for sexual activity in 8-10 weeks


  1. Surgical procedure (medications)
  2. 3 day hospitalization (food and meds included)
  3. Doctor´s fee
  4. Follow-up till discharge
Date of Birth 6-1-91
This photograph, dedicated with fondness, to the man that has made it possible for me to start looking at life from an entirely different point of view (totally different) !!!!!.
Dr. H.P., I wish you all the success in the world, keep making lives happy and more pleasant.
Somebody that will never forget you.
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